Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MATLAB Workshop by IEEE

Hello readers! Again, this is totally not makeup-related but I know some of u might interested in this. This workshop is organized by IEEE Signal Processing Society Malaysia Section. The details for each course is described below, together with the advert for ur reference. Contact me directly if u're interested.


1. Review of Signal Processing
2. Time-Frequency Analysis (TFA)
3. Wavelet Analysis
4. Wigner-Ville Distribution
5. TFA Engineering Applications
6. Case Studies Using Matlab

Signal Processing:
1. Introduction to MATLAB
2. Signals (sampling frequency, creating signals, reading, plotting, writing, listening)
3. Analyzing signals & the FFT function (time, frequency, the spectrogram)
4. Convolution, autocorrelation, cross-correlation
5. The moving average filter
6. FIR and IIR filters (analysis, order and estimation)
7. Windows and windowing
8. The Power Spectral Density function
9. GUI's for filter design and analysis in MATLAB.

1. Signals and Linear Systems
2. Random processes
3. Analog to digital conversion
5. Baseband digital transmission
6. Digital transmission through bandlimited channels
7. Digital transmission via carrier modulation
8. Some advanced communications applications

Image Processing :

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