Thursday, July 23, 2009

I need XP back to run Matlab

I hv prob with matlab in vista. Can't run the installation (for v7.3) and can't open the program (for v6.5). Never had this kind of prob while using xp last time. It's troublesome to reformat & install xp, and also tedious to dual boot (vista & xp); so I've decided to use xp as virtual machine. Found this :

hope this will work well & run matlab properly.

-Update (24th July, 10.36am):
Hv successfully installed virtual machine xp, but still can't install matlab. This is due to some reason (all the troublesome in vista), and the only solution is to download a fresh version of matlab from mathworks, and re-install. Let's try this!

- Update (24th July 2009, 4.08pm):
Mission accomplished!

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