Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Color Histograms and such

Deformation and Viewpoint Invariant Color Histograms:

From MATLAB-central
Thread Subject: Image histogram and difference between color bins, Author: ImageAnalyst)
Here's a nice web site with a big list of color-related links:
Here you can find the color and gamma FAQ's:
The Rochester Institute of Technology Munsell Color FAQ:
A list of hundreds of colors with their names:
A way to visualize the 3D color gamut of your image with this plug-in for free software ImageJ (very, very cool plug-in!!):
Macbeth ColorChecker chart

Paper (CCH):
Object Recognition with Color Cooccurrence Histogram
Logo and trademark detection in images using Color Wavelet Co-occurrence Histograms
Image Retrieval Using Colour Co-occurrence Histograms
Modified Color Co-occurrence Matrix for Image Retrieval

Discussion Board:
Matlab Central
Matlab DSP Discussion

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