Thursday, March 4, 2010

PDF to Word Document

Case: I wrote a journal in LaTeX, the output is in PDF. It was rejected and I want to send to another publisher, but they don't accept LaTeX, only PDF or .doc, and they limit the paper up to 20 pages only. Mine is 24 pages, and there are a lot of blank spaces in the paper (especially in the figure & table pages) because of the LaTeX formatting. I'm thinking of doing it in Word so can adjust it manually, which is easier. But I don't want to copy and reformat everything, which is very time consuming.

Solution: The best found so far: PDF to Word Converter
1. Upload the PDF file
2. Fill in your email
3. They will email you the converted file. Please allow some time for queuing and converting process (my case is ~4hours), and it's worth waiting.

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